Visit of the President of the Islamic Republic of Iran

President Hassan Rouhani in inauguration ceremony of Sahand Float Tabriz Glass production line held on Thursday announced that: “the government’s policy is to support private sector for more production and development of the country.” He explained: “We should encourage all entrepreneurs to participate in the production fields and investment and try for honor and development of the country. Head of Supreme Council of Economy, while appreciating the Tabrizi entrepreneur for launching the production line, emphasized on continuing the path by other entrepreneurs, explained that, “ We should try our best to provide the conditions for the domestic products to find competitive power against the products produced by other countries and this factory which has been launched by private sector, today produces products which are competitive in terms of price and quality compared to the products of world developed countries.

Sahand Float  Glass production Co. is the largest glass production line in the country with annual production capacity of 220000 tons in different types of car glass, building glass, mirror and security and decoration glass.

The project which has been launched with local and foreign participation and investment of one thousand two-hundred and fifty billion RIALS and exchange investment of 56 million € during 29 months, provides 600 job opportunities.  The company is the first producer of new generation of glasses in the world, which can have considerable portion in prevention of energy loss.


In this visit that Mr. President was being accompanied by Mr. Nematzadeh ( Minister of Industry, Mine and Commerce) visited staffs and engineers of the production line in person and negotiated about the issues related to the production process.