Introduction of The Products

Soda ash is the trade name for sodium carbonate, whit the chemical formoulate of Na2CO3 .This miltifaceted chemical is used in several functions in various industries. Soda Ash is produced through the Solvay process (also known as the ammonia-soda process).This method is among the most efficient manufactiring ways. In appearance, Soda ash resembles white crystalline powder, it is odourless and hygroscopic in nature. Depending on its features, Soda ash consist of two various kinds, namely: Soda ash light Soda ash dense


an important use of soda ash is in the manufacture of glass,where it reduces the melting temperature of the sand used in making glass and also helps in the 'functioning' , or shaping of glass articles.This multipurpose chemical is also a major ingredient for making soaps and detergents,where it is used as a smoothening agent in formulations for soaps, detergents and other cleaning compounds. Furthermore , this resourceful alkali is widely used in another chemicals materials in different way .Soda ash has various applications in mining processes ,pulp and paper manufacture ,the creation of sodium compounds ,water refining ,metal refining ,textile processing ,cleaning preparations ,petroleum and metallugical refining ,iron and steel, aluminum and grugs.


In order to provide raw materials such as lime and salt, Semnan Soda Ash Company (SSACO) has started to verify, explore and planning of mine's sources from 2003. During this stage, the four lime mines have been identified and registered known as: AHAK MARAB, JAHAN NAMA, ROYAN KOUH and LITO. The derivation operation from AHAK MARAB and JAHAN NAMA, with the capacity of 22 million tons is one of process.