Sahand Industrial Group

Sahand Industrial Group with using of world last technology and worldwide highest quality has started to produce variety of white and color glasses such as float, patterned, reinforced, mirror, etc… And regarding its exclusive facilities is able to produce reinforced patterned glass too.

Sahand Industrial Group includes the following factories which are acting in field of glass production and related processes.

Our Group

Semnan Soda Ash

Semnan Soda Ash Co.(SSACO) began building its factory in 5 November 2002 and was put in official operation by early 2006 , whit the production capacity of 700,000 tons annual.

Having strong financial support form its shareholders, since the beginning of operation, and also strong group of expert specialists and engineer beside coordinated management, SSACO has become the biggest Soda Ash supplier in Iran as well as Midlle Eastern countries. more info

Sahand Safety Co

Sahand Safety Company as the one of the most complete and equipped producers of glasses started its activities with producing shatterproof safety glass. Along with development of its activities toward satisficing customers and presenting competent services about producing types of printed, curved, shatterproof glasses- double glazing glasses and multi-walled glasses and decorative glasses. This Organization along with using European modern technology, worthy experiences and reliance off on experienced staff, could offer its products with the highest level of quality.

Some of our domestic customers are as blow

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Iran opens its largest glass production plant

Iran has launched a glass fabrication plant described as the country’s largest, with President Hassan Rouhani calling on local producers to raise their competitiveness.

Sahand Float Company in Tabriz in north-western Iran will produce 220,000 tonnes of flat glass per year for building, automotive, security and decoration use. Addressing the inauguration, President Rouhani hailed it as Iran’s biggest glass production line, saying it has been established by the private sector and will compete with “advanced countries for quality and price of its products”. Mr Rouhani said efforts must be made to raise domestic production, and to manufacture goods which could compete in the market, importantly creating jobs for young people and also increase self-sufficiency in Iran. The president’s chief of staff, Mohammad Nahavandian, said the country is prepared for an “economic leap and return to growth”. “We are at a sensitive historical juncture which could mark a turning point in our contemporary history,” he said in a meeting with members of the Tabriz chamber of commerce. The official touched on the effects of sanctions, saying they have removed the competitive edge of Iranian products. Iran foresees an economic growth of 2.5% in the new year as it absorbs the shock of oil price declines and US-led sanctions. The Middle East’s second largest economy rebounded from two years of recession in 2014 and logged a growth rate of 1.45%, according to the International Monetary Fund. Inflation has dropped to around 15% from 40% under the former President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad. Iran’s economy contracted between 2012 and 2013 at a rate of 6.8% and 1.9%, wh...


Research and Development department of SIG is the most important part of our company .in modern world every company needs new technologies to produce new products.

Our customers and their needs have very valuable for us , for this reason our R&D team studies and evaluates all products and services relating to glass industry.

Our Mines

Soda Ash

In order to provide raw materials such as lime and salt,Semnan Soda Ash CO.(S.S.A.C.O),has started to verify ,explore and planing of mine's sources from 2003 . During this stage ,the 4 lime mines have been identified and registred knoen as :AHAK MARAB ,JAHAN NAMA,ROYAN KOUH and LITO .the derivation opration from AHAK MARAB and JAHAN NAMA ,whit the capacity of 22 milion tons is one of process.


Sahand Silica Co. of Tabriz with operation permit from Qara Tutah Khana Silica Mine and has been located at 120km of the factory and district of Bonab town in an impassible area. The mine with 6 million-ton-store of stone with higher grades acts as the largest silica mine in the Northwest of the country. It has started its exploration activities since 2003 and due to impassible nature of the area an asphalted road with length of 9 km and width of 2-truck passage was established and Nariyeh stores were also established based scientific and protective rules confirmed by Sahand Industrial Group which supply food of Sahand glass making Industrial Group.



This mine is located in AzarShahr city suburb . The kind of this mine is Limestone There is not any activity in the mine at the moment . It is used in glass industry


It is located in Western Azarbayjan near Salmas city. The kind of this mine is dolomitestone It is used in glass industry


It is located in Eestern Azarbayjan near AjabShir city. The kind of this mine is silicate. The deposit of this mine is 19 milion tons. It is used in glass industry