Sahand Jame Tabriz

Sahand Jame Tabriz is the producer of different types of colored, patterned, white and wired glasses with different dimensions that conform to European standards commissioned from 2006 with nominal capacity of 200 metric tons per day. According to the company’s unique abilities, it is able to produce solar glass which is used only in solar water heater. In the near future this company will produce this kind of glass and will export to the European countries..













According to the glasses high quality and updated designs, it has been considered significant amount of this products to export to the European countries, Central Asia and Iraq and remaining products are exported and small amount is supplied to the domestic markets.

Full description of the production method: Glass rolling method; this means that melt is poured in the middle of two rollers, then molten rollers is rolled, so design of bottom rollers are engraved on the glass bar.