Sahand Float Tabriz

Employing American and European machinery, Sahand Float Tabriz (SFT) was established in 2015 with daily glass production capacity of 700 metric tons. This company started to produce flat glass in 2 to12 mm thickness in float method with different dimensions and colors. All initial plans, complementary production stages, preparation and coordination processes, machinery and equipment installation steps are taken by qualified technical experts of Sahand Industrial Group (SIG) and their dynamic interactions and communications. Currently, in addition to meeting local market’s needs, the company’s products are being exported to European and Asian countries such as Iraq, Turkey, Afghanistan, Romania, Italy and etc. Sahand Float Company is capable of producing auto glass, colored and online reflex glass in blue, green, pink and golden colors.
Long term experience and knowledge of the group in the field of glass production and top quality of the products have promoted the status of Sahand Float Company among the countries of the region. Enjoying advanced control system in the production process, the company has been successful in producing various kinds of glass products in different colors and specifications. Online inspection along with the physical and chemical laboratories in the company through the most advanced online measurement equipments such as:
-online thickness measurement
-online control of coarseness (roughness)
-defects inspection, online coding on each glass sheet at the final stage of automated harvesting system, have led the company to achieve international standards for its products.


Producing and implementing security glasses at the dimension of 320×600 in the security furnace and bent glasses with diameters 100 to 1600 by bend and flat security furnace using automatic devices and machinery in horizontal method at thickness of 4 to 20 mm for industrial and building uses. Producing printed glasses at customized thicknesses and dimensions for household appliances, fireplaces, refrigerators, stoves and etc in different colors and designs. Producing different types of decorative glasses. Producing and implementing different types of double glazed and multiwall flat and bend glasses in dimensions of 200×300. Producing and supplying different types of fittings. Major parts of raw materials of the are provided by two companies of Sahand Jam Tabriz and Azar Glass Industrial Company.

Security Glass Unit

Various automatic devices and machinery for security of flat glasses in horizontal way (thickness 4 to 19 mm), Various automatic devices and machinery for security of bend glasses in horizontal way (thickness 4 to 19 mm) Description: This machinery is able to bend the glasses with bending angle of 350 mm and with diameter of 600 mm. This is among the most advanced machineries of the country in the field of bent glass industry. Different types of automatic printing machinery on the flat and bend glasses at different thickness and dimensions. Description: printing section of the security glass unit of Sahand Jam Tabriz Company has capability of printing in different fields with higher quality as follows:
1- Printing glasses for home appliances (Hood glasses, flat or hub oven glasses, furnished stove glass, refrigerator glass, sink glass, microwave glass).
2- Printing industrial glass such as combine, tractor, loader glass, front glass of home radiator, different types of telephone booth glasses and bus station glasses.
3- Capability of printing on the glasses as described below:
Employing this system, security glass unit of Sahand Glass Company of Tabriz is able to print human and all kinds of images on the glasses. This company is equipped with water jet machine, which causes high maneuverability in cutting irregular geometric shapes. It also employs laser inscription machines with penetration depth of about 100 microns, which enables inscription of the prepared images in the form of vector file on the glass surface. Producing different types of decorative glasses by the most advanced machineries in top quality level, producing different types of double glazed and multiwall bend and flat glasses with dimensions 240 to 300 centimeters at different thicknesses. Producing laminate and multi-layered glasses.

Producing laminate and multi-layer glasses


Quality control

Employing human resource experts and experienced professional team in quality control unit, Sahand Fittings Industrial Unit is honored to consider 5 year guarantee for Sahand stop product, 2 year guarantee for covered export hinge in the French design and 1 year guarantee for the hinges with chrome coat in the French and German designs.

Sahand Fittings Unit

The unit started its activities in the field of producing fittings and accessories needed in glass industry. Since its establishment time, and with conscious attempts, the unit has been successful in meeting the most needs of the customers. Some of these achievements which are worth to mention are being successful in producing glass door stops, various French design hinges, different types of German design hinges, and different types of pins, clamps and connectors. In line with the management policies of the company, we have employed the best items in the field of preparation, supply and human resource for establishment of the unit. Young and expert workforce along with experienced experts of Iranian industry and enjoying modern machinery and CNC equipments have led us to this important goal. We hope to provide another service to the people of the Iran under the shadow of nonstop efforts, God’s mercy and cooperation of all friends and colleagues.